About Me

Hi, I'm Nathanael Wheeler. I started The Daily Man originally around 2011, dedicated to daily posting of a devotional, sermon, or some Bible study note. In early 2012, I was burned out on keeping the blog going. While I had a couple of people who occasionally authored articles for me, it was tiring work, and with my everyday life and work, I started to fall behind. Then, the unthinkable happened - my host somehow lost all my content. I had a handful of the posts backed up, and a few were able to be recovered from various Internet caches, but the vast majority of my work for the past year had been lost. I started to recreate posts, but, being already burned out, I gave up. Eventually, my domain expired, and someone else purchased the domain. 

Some time in 2014, I decided I would start the site up again. However, the domain name was owned by another person, who refused to sell it, even for quite a lot more than the name was actually worth. I registered a couple alternate domains, and started slowly building content again. Eventually, the new owner of my domain let it expire again, and I was able to pick the original domain name back up. Content creation has been at a crawling pace since then, as I was still very busy with life and work. I got married in August 2016, and had a baby in August 2017, and these life events led to even slower content creation.

At the end of November 2017, I was let go from my job. This led to a lot more free time, but a lack of income. God is good, however, and all of our family's needs have been met. My family and I moved back into my old house, which I had been renting out for about the past 10 years, and I started a new business, Grace Enterprise Solutions. This decision has given me the flexibility to work from home, while also homeschooling the children and tending to the property here. Things have been slow getting started with the business, but in all the spare time, the Lord willing, I plan to start posting more regularly to The Daily Man.