This is a dictionary of sorts where we can find the definition of terms as used by the Deep Dive Bible Study group.

Groupings of Beliefs

Arminianism - Arminian doctrine holds the following:
  1. Man is capable of taking the first step in reaching out to God for his salvation.
  2. Conditional Election
  3. Unlimited Atonement
  4. Resistible Grace
  5. Conditional Preservation of the Saints
Calvinism - Calvinist doctrine holds the following:
  1. Total Depravity
  2. Unconditional Election
  3. Limited Atonement
  4. Irresistible Grace
  5. Perseverance of the Saints
Pelagianism - Pelagian doctrine holds the following:
  1. Human will is sufficient to live a sinless life.
  2. Adam's sin did not corrupt all mankind, but set a bad example.
  3. Christ's redemptive work was more an example, to correct Adam's bad example.

Individual Beliefs

Conditional Election - The belief that man's salvation is entirely conditional on his own acceptance of Christ's sacrifice on the cross.
Conditional Preservation of the Saints - The belief that a man's salvation can be lost through his own actions.
Irresistible Grace - The belief that man cannot resist the drawing of the Holy Spirit for the purpose of salvation.
Justification - The belief that man, over time, becomes more capable of doing good through the 
Limited Atonement - 
Perseverance of the Saints - 
Total Depravity - 
Unconditional Election - 
Unlimited Atonement - 
Resistible Grace -